College activity Tour activity
Open ceremony of study tour at college Museum, library, stadium etc.
Visit US college or high school National park
Introduction US education system State park
Introduction US culture Sea, island, botanical garden and zoo
English training and assessment Senic tour
Meet with foreign students Visiting art festival
Close ceremony of study tour Watching some college sports contest
1. College activities is managed by US college, and certificate is issued by the college as well
2. MAVStudy will give support for the study tour activities.
3. All activities will be joined by either US or China teachers
4. Certificate is for the Study Tour activities
5. Study tour certificate might be taken into the consideration when applying college and visa
6. Some activities will also be arranged and cooridinated between Chinese school, education and tour company
7. To take part in the Study tour activity must comform to its contract and purchase all related insurance in advance.
8. To know further details please contact MAVStudy
9. Some activities might change subject to the real situation
10. Description in Chinese is official, English is for reference only