1. Purpose

Many colleges and universities in the United States will have continued education programs. Many students go directly to employment after graduating from college. After working for a period of time, one may feel the need to learn more, which shows the need of continued education.

2. Participant

In the process of the application of American business graduate students, there are many university graduate programs that are set up under the School of Continuing Education in the United States. This differs from adult education in China, because continuing education in the United States focuses on vocational education, to better adapt to the development of society and the needs of the market. Continued education in China is aimed at people without a bachelor degree or high school diploma. Most United States Vocational Education Institutes require an Bachelor Degree. The age range of graduate students will vary, and postgraduate education itself belongs to a 'vocational education'. Many people choose this type of program to gain more knowledge and degrees for their career.

3. Structure

The American Institute of Continuing Education is generally known as School of Professional Studies or School of Continuing Education. A college offered at a US university under the School of Continuing Education generally does not have the same professional setting. Unlike the College of Continuing Education, the settings are very similar for all schools. University of Cheshire University of continuous education and Engineering, Business, Arts and Sciences and other colleges and universities and other colleges and universities are essentially the same, but different in teaching methods. Continuous education colleges use more evening teaching or online teaching modes